Tuesday, November 17, 2015


While we're on the study Falcon Studios, back in 2001, they signed a male, whose real name is Matthew James Hannan, known by the porn name: Jason Tyler, born in Parkersberg, West Virginia on June 19, 1979, its role was versatile, and 9 inches long from his penis. According to information I found on the internet, had gotten into porn, having broken up with her boyfriend.

And ... I expose for a special purpose, as some of you may have noticed, through the comments I wrote a visitor who called himself Mario Benitez, and then I communicated his protege, who had the picked up from the street, fortunately releases crime that was inciting a family ... and there is where I communicated that he had been beaten Mario, who later died ... so it was designated as an orphan and Fortunately, the boy is in good hands ... I'm talking about Angus, who yesterday wrote me saying that today's birthday and I made this special request, I agree to your request.

And I want to leave a message for Angus, I want to tell you, but you do not know, I love you, the few times I have been writing me so Mario, I realized that I had a big heart, and to know you has collected, it is because he saw in you a man in need, a man who needs love, a man who needs a loving home, a man who needs to eat ... I hope you study a good race, which want you to have a most exemplary life and honest as possible, and you form a family, no matter who you are, no matter if it is a man or a woman, but I do love you, you're happy, and you follow Mario's legacy ... take from me a tight hug and warm !!!!


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