Tuesday, November 10, 2015


From what I see, this portfolio did a Christmas gift so precisely for publication in those days of last feast ... yeah, I know, Christmas is over ... no matter, what matters is the surprise that brings this couple formed by Luciano Lance and his girlfriend Topher DiMaggio, yes !!!! so as you read !!! really, they are dating in real life, so here demonstrated with feeling, with the love that they feel both with the attraction they really feel, and everything that makes a real couple ...

Not only that, .... now, as you know, Topher, before photographing the portfolio that made the production of "Men", his role has always been active, now, Luciano Lance, is charged with anally to desvirgarlo Topher, the lucky corresponded to whom the honor of introducing his tail between his buttocks Topher, right there in these images you are going to see, so I leave you to give a look to this burning portfolio ...

Topher DiMaggio

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