Monday, September 14, 2015


To celebrate two years have begun to publish this blog, I wanted to expose the 2 most attractive, most beautiful males and one of the most popular one is Gabriel Clark, who is also known as Gabriel Lenfant, is one of my favorite, I love his attitude faced naughty rascal rogue, yes, gorgeous and beautiful that I melt with him ... and Marco Ruby, really is a charm, has one of the best bodies I've seen that seems perfectly chiseled by the Greeks themselves and is a beautiful man, and tender child's face, really I love

And ... I do not expect to find a portfolio in which these 2 males got together, and that Marco just signed him for Men study, which was previously in Kristen Bjorn, in which was beginning to stir passions to him ... well, here I leave to revise this fiery and exciting portfolio ...

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